About Katie


My name is Katie and I've been working professionally as a graphic designer
for more years than I can remember! Creating is my passion and aside from
being a wife and a mom, creating defines me.

I have always been a scrapbooker. Since high school, I was an avid
photographer, yearbook editor and documentor. After my daughter was born,
scrapbooking took on new meaning and I worked at keeping albums of all of
our events and outings. Meanwhile I was working as a freelance graphic
designer, carefully balancing my life as a mom with full-time work although
I don’t know that I ever mastered the balance thing. The self-discipline to be
self-employed is always a challenge. So to help myself get my work done, I
moved all my scrapbook supplies out of my home office so I would focus on
work instead of being tempted to scrapbook. Well, the urge to scrapbook was
so intense that I went digital with my pages. Just two months after going
digital, I started selling downloads. And six months after going digital, I
launched DesignerDigitals.com and dropped my corporate clients to focus
on designing for scrapbooking. It was life-changing.

And here I am, nearly 10 years later. Living with my husband and our dog in
our empty nest with my daughter in college. Designing for scrapbooking and
also licensing my art for various markets.

It’s a dream job.