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It’s Friday.

Permission to Play Granted!

My new Sensu Stylus Brush arrived today.

I thought to myself that it really couldn’t make a difference when painting on my iPad. Finger Painting has worked pretty well so far. And I have a Nomad paintbrush stylus and it seemed like more of a novelty when I used it.

But, I can officially say I’ve been converted.

I definitely felt more control over the paint tools when working with the stylus. Afterall, my fingers aren’t as long and lean as the stylus 😉 And Repix just makes it so dang easy. I love painting apps like this that are so intuitive to use. I admit I get frustrated if I can’t just sit down and figure it out. I’m not a manual-reading girl. Never have been. It’s easy to figure out this app when you open it up. But, have to say, this video I mentioned in my last post enlightened me. The idea to erase away and paint it back… that connected with me and I’m hooked!

So, I’m in love with RePix using the Sensu Stylus. Now I just want more, more, more paint options for Repix… and the ability to add type… and instagram my images… not sure if that’s already in there or not!

But, for now, I’m thrilled to paint and bring into photoshop to scrap!

Hope you’re inspired to scrap and I’ll see you at DesignerDigitals!