It happened.

She went away to college on August 22, 2013.

A new chapter began. An empty one.

People tell me not to get too used to it. They come back. But it will never be the same. I know that. I’ll never be needed in the same way I was before. As a mom that’s just hard. As a mom that’s built my current career on scrapbooking my life, my family and her life it’s even harder. What do I take pictures of now? What do I scrap now?

That’s what I wrote a year ago.

Last year was a rough one. I was filled with worried and anxiety. Although I was fairly confident she wouldn’t behave as poorly as I did when I went off to college, I was still worried. Would she be able to hang? Could she handle the classes? Would she make friends? Would she eat? Would she call home? She did. Seemingly effortless. She even made the Dean’s List! And I kept scrapbooking life!

So here were are at the beginning of her sophomore year. Moving in was a breeze.
Only an ounce of worry hanging around. It’s all good.

After 19 years of focusing on her, I’m shifting the focus of my everyday life to myself.
Time to get in shape. Time to tackle some time management to get back some me time and some us time with Randy.

I’m embracing this empty nest and all that it has to offer!