Here it is!

The start of something new!

Something to inspire you, something to inspire me!

I was listening to a podcast interview from the Good Life Project with Lisa Congdon. She talked about her collection a day blog series she did. First, I couldn’t believe it was back in 2010. Seemed like just last year. But something she said stuck with me. She talked about how doing a project like that makes you really see what you like and what you don’t like.

I’ve been working as a professional graphic designer since the 80s. I’ve been designing for the scrapbook and home decor markets for nearly 10 years. I do believe I know what I like. But I also believe in evolving as an artist. Fine tuning my skills, and finding fresh inspiration.

So… I’ve taken that spark of inspiration and turned it into 50 Cards in 50 Days!

I’ll be sharing a new, free printable 3×4 Journal Card with an inspirational message or sentiment every day for the next 50 days [in honor of my 50th birthday]. So check back every day and click on the card to download the full-size printable and share this creative journey with me.

Click on the image to download the full-size 3×4 Pocket Card.

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Be inspired to scrap and I’ll see you at DesignerDigitals!