An old box full of photos.

A true treasure.

Handed down from my grandmother.

What will you hand down?

A flash disk or CD that may or may not work? They don’t last forever.

Photo CDs that are in an unsupported format? I have more than a few of those!

Me? I’m going to hand down scrapbooks with stories of the memories!


AND plenty of my own boxes filled with printed photos too!

I’ve uploaded my photos to various sources including flickr and Shutterfly and I have them on a hard drive and a back up too. But creating scrapbook pages digitally and then uploading them to be printed at someplace like Shutterfly or Blurb is truly the best way to go! It’s a great failsafe. If something like Hurricane Sandy or a fire or other natural disaster would happen, at least I could log on and reprint my books. That is truly priceless.

Why do we take pictures anyway? Because we want to remember our experiences.

Photos are the first step in documenting our story. Keeping a journal to document the details is a close second.
Photos and stories combine and you have pure gold, scrapbooks!



I can’t tell you enough how important it is to scan your photos, take notes and ask questions of your parents lives and their parents lives so the stories can be preserved for all those to come after you. Facebook, instagram, snapchat… memories are not going to be treasured there. They will be treasured in books you can touch, stories you can read.

No matter where technology goes we’ll always have our memories. Share them!

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