It’s Quarterly SALE time at DesignerDigitals!
Everything is marked 40% off!

This is always a very busy time of year! Lots of making happening and lots of events too!

About to head up to NYC for the Surtex and National Stationary Shows! Something I look forward to every year. No quick train up this year though so I’ve booked a ticket on the bus and hope that goes well!

And then we have family coming in town shortly after I get back and I’m looking forward to seeing them!

Don’t miss my NEW Releases now available at DesignerDigitals and if you’re an Artisan user there are NEW [to Panstoria] Releases available there too!

And be sure to stop by the forums at DesignerDigitals tomorrow. There are lots of chats happening and I’ll be hosting a color themed one! All have freebies too!


I’m going to be playing a little catch up in the days to come and will be sharing some of my latest releases with Our Memories for Life too! So keep checking back!