Because why not?!

I really enjoyed my series of 50 Cards in 50 days to celebrate my 50th birthday!

It’s been a good year. The nest has been empty two years now and I think I’m adjusting. It gets better the more time that goes on. Focusing on myself was something that took time to accept permission to do. Thinking it’s just a mom thing. But now I am focusing on myself. Taking hold of my artistic career and of my personal health too.

And now I feel like getting back to inspirational cards you can download and print to use in your project life albums and more! It’s 3×4 and simply right click and save to your computer for a printable JPEG file!

This first card is a quote that is perfect for where I’m at. This is the second time I feel like I’ve been at “this part” of life. The last being when I got divorced and became a single mom and now, years later and happily remarried, with an empty nest!

I hope it inspires you to document your life!

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