OMFL Pocket Pages Border Strips

OMFL Pocket Card Scrapbook

Now available : Our Memories for Life Pocket Scrapbook Collections

THREE new Pocket Page sets are now available with Our Memories for Life!
Each set includes:
30 2-sided border strips with 30 unique designs designed to fit their unique Pocket Page Sleeves
30 2-sided Journal Cards with 30 unique designs.

These three styles offer something for everyone! Birthdays, school days and heritage scrapbooks too!

Party Brights Pocket Strips
Party Brights Pocket Cards

Primary Pocket Strips
Primary Pocket Cards

Vintage Pocket Strips
Vintage Pocket Cards
*the vintage strips have 60 unique designs


Document your stories today!

Vintage Pocket Strips

vintage map pocket strips

So many fun designs you’ll just need to get them in your hands and see for yourself!!