free 3x4 printable project life quote journal card

Make This Year Your Happiest Yet!

I’m continuing with another free 3×4 printable quote filler card for your project life pocket pages and more! Not sure that I’ll get any more done for this month as the month is coming to an end and my to-do- list is quite long!

These cards are perfect for a cleaner, more minimalist page which I’m finding quite appealing these days. How about you? Are you tending to go cleaner on your pages these days? And, by all means, if you have a quote that you’d like to see me make into a pocket card please leave it in a comment below! I’d love to know what quotes inspire you! You can tag me on Pinterest to point something out to me too! Always looking for fresh inspiration!

You can simply right-click on the image and download this 3×4 Journal Card to your own computer hard drive. It’s a printable JPEG file for your personal use in your crafting projects that can be used with various image editing applications and microsoft word too! You can even import it into programs like Forever’s Artisan and many others.

This card uses my new Pencil Lines that are now available at DesignerDigitals! More and More of these to come!

These are fresh and fun and will give your pages and cards a fresh look! Do you have a color palette you’d like to see these in?
Let me know because I’m busy making stuff and always love new ideas!

Enjoy and remember to scrapbook your photos into memories to share with downloads from DesignerDigitals!