I’m packing up to head to NYC for Surtex 2016 and a must-have are my essential oils!

I haven’t talked about them much but that’s about to change! I used oil blends for skin issues, allergy issues, muscle aches and I’ve even been known to diffuse a bit of happiness in my studio! But when packing up to head to NYC, packing a bottle of Lavender is a must-have essential oil! Did you know that it’s known for repelling bed bugs? Always a fear when I travel to NYC so I’ve packed a fresh bottle so I can sprinkle my bed and sleep without worry! I’ll be packing some PanAway and Peppermint too! I’ve even used perfume grade alcohol with my oils to make some perfumes that smell good and make me feel good too–a win win for everyone! More to come on the perfume obsession! I absolutely love perfume and mixing my own blends has been a fun little hobby. Recently I’ve started mixing the oils with beeswax and shea butter for homemade lotions and balms!

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And after I get my oils all together, it’s time to round up my comfy shoes and back up my phone too! Worst fear would be losing my phone but if it’s backed up it will be a lot easier to deal with! Need to do that with my iPad too! Couldn’t survive without either of those two things… among others haha!

Off to think happy thoughts and pack up!