As I sit here trying not to itch the bug bites on my legs and bring my focus back to the business of making, I continue to reflect on the past 4 days I just spent at CampGLP aka Camp Good Life Project. Camp Good Life Project is an entrepreneur-focused end of summer camp in Rock Hill, New York run by the inspiring Jonathan Fields. If you’ve never heard of him check out his podcasts for some thought provoking conversations.

This was the third year the camp was held and the third year I attended. The experience was different but I was not the same person either. I’ve evolved each year and this year I arrived with intention to be more present in the experience and I truly accomplished that. I welcomed experiences and listened to my insides. When I was melting from the heat [seems to be getting hotter each year] and couldn’t quite take any more, I stepped away from the schedule and floated back to a happy place in the camp pool. And I also attended workshops that filled me with knowledge and inspiration for my business. Thinking I got the best of both worlds!

But re-entry into reality is proving to be challenging this year. My focus is not there. Thinking about why it’s so hard and realizing that as a self employed designer I work at home with my husband and other personal interactions outside of those with him are random face times with Kelly and some occasional chit chat with neighbors. Camp, on the other hand, was constant thoughtful and meaningful conversation within a variety of connections made within the group of 400 like-minded campers from 6am until after midnight with workshops, hikes, swims, embroidery meetups, aerobics, mealtime, bonfires, dance parties (might have just listened to that one from my bunk lol) and so much more in between. Then there was the commute to camp. I shared the 4+ hour drive each way I with a camper, Oxana [check out her awesome book here], that I now call a friend and we too filled that drive time with continual thoughtful conversation. Just. So. Good. But I am coming back to reality.

I am so grateful for the time I got to spend at camp and for all the wonderful connections I had. As I ease back into my routine I’m finding myself more reflective on the conversations and the connections formed. Looking back through the photos I took and a few videos I took I am so grateful and I know that, once again, this weekend at CampGLP has changed me further and it will impact how I move forward with my business and my Good Life! It’s all good!