free 3x4 printable quote card with vintage botanicals and butterflies

Day 5 here in this journey of 30 days of cards, 30 days of posts… it’s getting me in a new groove. I really enjoy making these cards and collaging words with botanicals and butterflies. It’s also a good exercise for reflection and gratitude. For myself life has changed so much over the past 4 years that sometimes I feel like I can’t even hold on. Sending Kelly off to college and then before I know she is married and next month she graduates college and then next year she and Alex move to Germany for three years with the Army, so this quote is fitting. I need to savor every moment because just like that they are gone and a new chapter begins, and then another, and another. They seem to be short chapters or I’m speed reading through it all. Just need to sit back and savor.

Day 5: Savor Life and all it’s magic

Enjoy this FREE 3×4 printable card to add to your project life pocket scrapbooking. You can simply right-click on the image and download this 3×4 Journal Card to your own computer hard drive. It’s a printable JPEG file for your personal use in your crafting projects that can be used with various image editing applications and microsoft word too! You can even import it into programs like Forever’s Artisan and many others.

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