free 3x4 printable quote card for project life pocket scrapbooking

It’s Day 7. One week into 30 Days of Thoughtfulness. One week into quote card making and I really do enjoy this exercise. Doing something like this for 30 days is a good exercise for anyone. Doing anything for 30 days is a good exercise. 30 days of art. 30 days of meditation. 30 days of green smoothies. 30 days of naps?! I’m 7 days back into a daily workout routine that I hope will go way beyond 30 days. It’s so easy to lose focus. As the year wraps up I want to prepare myself to be in a good place to embrace the holidays and the new year!

Day 7: Sky above, earth below, Peace within.

Enjoy this FREE 3×4 printable card to add to your project life pocket scrapbooking. You can simply right-click on the image and download this 3×4 Journal Card to your own computer hard drive. It’s a printable JPEG file for your personal use in your crafting projects that can be used with various image editing applications and microsoft word too! You can even import it into programs like Forever’s Artisan and many others.

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