Dog Days of December Daily

Hello December! Hello December Days of Dixie!

Dixie loves to dress up and smile for a treat so you’ll be seeing her around this December. But life has changed even more since last year. With Kelly now married the empty nest isn’t filling back up and things are relatively quiet around our home. The tree isn’t up yet, the decorations aren’t out yet and I’ve just been pinning Christmas cookie recipes instead of making them LOL!

Thinking some scrapbooking will get me into the spirit of things so I’ve been rounding up photos of Christmases since Kelly’s first and will be scrapbooking them this month along with a few vintage photos I found from my childhood. I wish I had more photos from my childhood to remember the good times I’m sure we had on Christmas mornings and the days leading up to the big day. A problem Kelly certainly won’t have ๐Ÿ˜‰

So this year I’ll plan/hope to be posting every day but it won’t be a daily documenting December sort of thing for me this year. Not really necessary to enjoy the holidays and treasure the memories of years past. One of my favorite projects was my ornaments book. I photographed various ornaments on our tree and told the story behind who they were from and when they arrived on our tree. If you’re looking for ideas for a December book for your family, check out this post I did a few years ago with lists of ideas!

Over at DesignerDigitals we’ll be celebrating the month with the annual Days of December Promotions! Each day there will be a new 99ยข item available and each day 400 items are marked down 40% for 48 hours [so there’s an overlap and 800 total items are on markdown]. It’s an exhausting celebration LOL but you’ll want to check in with us each day and add to your stash to continue to scrapbook your photos into memories to share. That’s what this is all about, right? No grandchild is going to scroll through your facebook or instagram feed to understand what your life was like. They will treasure these pages and albums you’re making with the stories and the photos to share the memories!

December Daily Scrapbook

Keep scrapbooking and I’ll see you at DesignerDigitals!