Happy New Year Vintage Style Collage Art

Hello 2017!

Ready for this New Year to be a good one, right? 2016 wasn’t horrible for us but it wasn’t great and a new year is definitely welcome for a fresh start. I haven’t really made resolutions instead I’ve made goals. Goals for life, goals for health, goals for work and goals for scrapbooking.

Life and Health. We are moving towards more clean eating and hoping to be working out more steadily. The workouts always seem to be a challenge for me but I know I need to be moving more. Creating is my passion, my work, my comfort zone but that also means I’m parked in my seat a little too much so this year I am hoping to create some new habits for myself and get out of this seat enough to keep my body happier! And green smoothies, whole foods and lots of water are hoping to make themselves a permanent part of my daily life as well!

Scrapbooking. So many unfinished projects that need to reach completion this year.
* two years of project life to wrap up
* Iceland trip book needs to be finished
* Cruise trip from 2011 needs to be finished
* Disney trip of 2014 book to be done
* Summer Visit with the girls documented
* Family History book [at least get past the first 2 pages LOL] * PLUS 2017 Project Life to be done in a monthly format
* PLUS all sorts of random scrapbooking to be done for creative release!

Work. DesignerDigitals and art licensing are my main focus for work this year. Focus. Focus. Focus. and Create. Create. Create.
That about sums that one up!

So here’s to a fabulous new year of new adventures and new inspirations!

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