Katie Pertiet 100 Days of Botanicals

100 Days of Botanicals : Day 7

#the100dayproject is an enlightening experience. It’s the first time I’ve taken part in a social media project. Following along on instagram, I’m finding fellow artists to follow and inspired by the direction others are taking in this project! Because I tend to get distracted easily I’m thinking I’m going to break down this project into something more to challenge myself with. It will still be 100 days of botanicals but thinking I’m going to try to do series of 10 coordinating images. Afterall, that will be more of a challenge for me to push my skillset. I already pretty much paint botanicals every day to begin with but I’m usually all over the place, so this will work on my control! So this is #2 of my first batch of 10 coordinating illustrations.

If you are new to my art, I’m a graphic designer and licensed artist with decades of experience. I create and sell digital downloads at DesignerDigitals and I license my artwork through Wild Apple for a variety of markets, sharing my artwork and love of botanicals with the world!

Thanks for following along with me!

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