Katie Pertiet 100 Days of Botanicals

100 Days of Botanicals : Day 12

They say when you do something for three to four weeks consistently it becomes habit. So what happens when you do it for 100 days? Creating botanicals every day was already pretty much of a habit for me but this project is fine tuning it. With breaking it down to groups of 10 botanicals in a consistent style, it’s challenging me to push myself. Admittedly, after two or three I’m usually done and ready to move on to something new. I’ve done 4, 6 or a coordinating group before but ten is pushing me. Pushing me to think about what could be added, what could be varied to make them different yet still coordinating. This is 7/10 of my first group of 10 and it’s feeling good!

If you are new to my art, I’m a graphic designer and licensed artist with decades of experience. I create and sell digital downloads at DesignerDigitals and I license my artwork through Wild Apple for a variety of markets, sharing my artwork and love of botanicals with the world!

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