Katie Pertiet Art Licensing Floridian

I love creating art and pretty much work in two styles at the moment. One I refer to as Studio Style is more artsy, loose and generally in watercolors. The other is Classic Style which is my roots and more of a vintage collage style.

The Floridian Collection is one I released with Wild Apple Art for art licensing and it was picked up by Certified and Bacova among others so I’m happy to share these great pieces that allow you to bring my art into your home!

Katie Pertiet Floridian Certified Serveware

There are a number of pieces to choose from perfect for your beach home and summer entertaining!
SHOP the Collection at Bed Bath and Beyond!

One of my Favorites is the Latte Mugs and you can find those at Target.com!
And the Canister set [not pictured] makes me swoon! Check the set out at Target.com!

And Bacova made awesome floor mats with the Floridian Collection that you’ll definitely want to have!
SHOP the floor mats at Bed Bath and Beyond!


I love sharing what I’ve made for your home and hope to be back with more soon!