Katie Pertiet silhouette neutral botanicals

100 Days of Botanicals : Day 46

Every day is a fresh start.

That’s exactly what today is, a fresh start. Early on in #the100dayproject I was all over the place and decided to reign myself in by doing batches of 10 coordinating botanicals. Yesterday marked the end of the 4th batch and today is a whole new beginning. If you’d asked me yesterday what I was going to do next I’d have said classic vintage collage. And that’s what I sat down to do… and this is what came out! Sometimes it just works like that and it’s good to go with it and see where it leads you. That’s what I like about this project, exploring a variety of approaches to the same subject matter, botanicals. No rules except that they include botanicals!

If you are new to my art, I’m a graphic designer and licensed artist with decades of experience. I create and sell digital downloads at DesignerDigitals and I license my artwork through Wild Apple for a variety of markets, sharing my artwork and love of botanicals with the world!

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