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January 1, 2019 wow. time serious seems to get away from me these days

Back in my corporate america days I was obsessed with my DayTimer. I cannot even imagine if I’d had all the wonderful things there are for planner now back then how consumed I’d be. But it kept me organized, kept track of all my assignments, work meetings and so much more. Then my palm pilot took over, followed by my iPhone and my desktop. But I’m getting back to a paper planner. Partly to stay organized and partly as a paper craft hobbyist and I’m hoping to add in some planner memory keeping into the mix as well.

It’s new for me so I’m sure it will evolve over time. For right now I’m making some artsy foundation pages for download at DesignerDigitals and using some of the Monthly Memories Printables for January. I also have a couple of fabulous new paper collections coming out this spring with Simple Stories and I’m sure I’ll be mixing those in here too.

Vintage Style Planner Printables

Planner Printables Labels and Tags

Some have asked what I’m using for my printables. I have an Epson R1900 printer which I love. They don’t make them anymore and they have been replaced by the Epson P400 [which appears to be cheaper but hopefully as good of quality]. And I print the tags etc on Premium Presentation Matte Paper. For the Washi and other clear stickers I’m using Avery Sticker Project Paper and for my photos I use Luster Photo Paper.

I love that I’m getting back to paper because that’s where scrapbooking started for me. Didn’t think I’d ever do paper again, but never say never and here I am embracing paper crafting along side my love for digital! It’s all good!

Check out all my printables available at DesignerDigitals!

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