LKatie Pertiet Painted Butterflies


Day 19 of #the100dayproject

Stepping away from my typically ‘safe’ colors. I’m generally most comfortable with a mutes, classic, vintage palette. I’m stepping outside of that for this project and trying to be more comfortable with the brighter colors!

In case you’re just joining me, I’m joining in Victoria Johnson’s subchallenge. She’s a fellow licensing artist and is doing 100 days of birds, butterflies and botanicals. That’s my jam, can’t imagine doing much else and have a packed schedule so it’s not the time for me to be doing anything too crazy but I will be exploring different media and styles. I need to keep things calm, simple and happy. She is encouraging just a simple image, nothing polished.

I’m looking forward to exploring more #birdsbutterfliesandblooms

I invite you to follow along and we’ll see if I can complete the 100 days this year! I’ll be posting here as well as on my instagram!