Katie Pertiet heritage scrapbooking

I’m really making an effort to try to include more of the story in my pages and to put together more collections of stories into printed photobooks.

I want to make sure that, although I’ve gone digital with my memorykeeping, my photos and stories and memories won’t be lost to some outdated sort of data and can be share with future generations through old fashioned books that they can sit and read together. We have also uploaded lots of documents to our ancestry account but that can be confusing to follow sometimes. I really hope to have the time to put together a visual reference of the depth of our heritage for Kelly and her family. It’s truly amazing how interesting so much of our family was and their contributions to society and the world that I had no concept of in my early years.

This page is about one of the addresses we found on a census of where my paternal grandmother lived in her late teens/early twenties before she got married. We went and visited all of her addresses along Park Avenue in NYC a few years back and was a great experience to sort of ‘walk in her footsteps’ and imagine what life in the 20s on Park Avenue must have been like.

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