Katie Pertiet Family History Scrapbook Album

I’ve been making a strong effort to document more about my family and our history. I don’t want these stories to be lost as the generations move on. We have a rich family history that explains a lot about the people we have become today by looking at the stories of where we have been.

Katie pertiet Family History Scrapbook Album

Each week I’ve been releasing a new template in the Frame and Blend Story Template series to make it easy for you to create photo art and document stories about your family as well. When the project is complete [although there are always more stories] there will be 10 page templates that can be used repeatedly to create as many pages are needed for your album. I want to add some pages of full size images of the original photos as well on the facing pages. That’s my plan and I’ll be sure to share when it’s complete. My scrapbooking is always a work in progress.

You can read my other post as I started this project here.

In the meantime, be sure to visit DesignerDigitals.com and get everything you need to document your family’s stories too! It will be a treasure for generations to come!