Katie Pertiet Documenting a Decade

2019 is more than half over, and that means it’s time to document your decade!

I first completed this project pack in 2011. Started documenting the first decade of the new century and it’s time for round two! Really one of my favorite projects. It’s time to reflect on all that has happened over the past ten years, how far you all have come and all the things that have changed over time.

Katie Pertiet Decoumenting a Decade

It’s a book you will treasure for generations to come. It tells your story. Shares the highlights and the low lights too. It’s not to cover the everyday moments but rather the milestones and events of the years.

Katie Pertiet Documenting Decade

You can still grab the original template packs in the store at DesignerDigitals as well as the new pack of 10 stamp and frame style templates to mix and match to create a new book. Or mix them with the original series. All the colors can easily be changed with the hue slider in your image editing application and the layers with the years can be turned off and new years added. See all the Documenting a Decade Templates available at DesignerDigitals.com.

Katie Pertiet Documenting a Decade Template Pack

I hope you’ll join in on this once in a decade project and get your decade documented to share your memories for generations to come. You can follow my progress in my gallery at DesignerDigitals.