Katie Pertiet Photobooks

I just got an email that it’s that time again when Shutterfly is offering FREE unlimited pages with the code FREEPAGES thru Sunday 10/6 and I thought this was the perfect time to share with you what I’ve been using these codes for!

When I create an album about a trip or event I always print it into a book to keep on the shelf and share. I also have done this with my December Daily Albums and Project Life Books. But there are so many random pages in between that haven’t been printed. They are completely random from family history, to days of my daughter growing up and days about my extending family and they just haven’t seen the light of day. So what I’ve started doing is uploading all the pages scrapped each year, as you can see I’m thru 2010 at this point, and when there are unlimited pages I’m printing the books for each year! This way my pages won’t ever be lost into the black hole of a hard disk!! so important!

So keep scrapbooking your photos with products from DesignerDigitals and then get your books printed at Shutterfly!

And in case you’re curious, I do recommend Shutterfly for their photobooks and Persnickety if you are printing loose pages!

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