Katie Pertiet watercolor butterfly

30 Days of Thoughtfulness | Day 28

Day 28. Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I give thanks for everyone has been part of my life’s journey. It’s Thanksgiving and although I am grateful every day, today is a special day to be sure everyone who as been a part of my life knows how truly grateful I am for them being a part of my life. My family, friends and those I have met through my career as a graphic designer and artist and my website, DesignerDigitals, I am truly grateful for each one of you and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving as well!

I’m glad you’re joining me this November as I’m posting a new 3×4 card [free to download for personal use].
Thank you for following along as we wind down and wrap up this 30 day challenge!

If you’d like to see more, check out all of my 3×4 cards and my watery botanicals. And if you’re wanting to do a Thankfulness project for November it’s never too late to start and my Practicing Gratitude Cards and Fall Pocket Cards are a great way to start!

You can find more of my art available at DesignerDigitals.com!