Katie Pertiet Free Journal Card

Sometimes it ends up different and it is better than way. A free journal card.

Thinking a lot about everything the world has been through in the first half of this year. Also thinking about all the 30 day challenges I’ve taken part in and how it is proven that it only takes 30 days to form new habits. Well, this has been 90+ days of #socialdistancing and more. How many of these changes will be adapted to everyday life going forward? Some of these things will be better, like public places being cleaner. But some of these things will stay take an adjustment before they seem better. We are opening up a bit more around here. Just wish the switch could be flipped back to normal life again.

Simply right click to download this card to use in your scrapbooking and planners for personal use.

It’s a gloomy rainy day after a stormy night being kept up by a very scared dog. The older Dixie gets, the more easily agitated she is. She was shaking and crying in the storms last night. Sleep is over rated 😉

Finally, mark you calendars because this coming Saturday morning I’m hosting a crop/chat/tutorial at DesignerDigitals,
see you there!

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