A life they loved

Katie Pertiet Journal Quote Card

And so, together, they built a life they loved

In the studio after a weekend of flipping between the studio and projects around the house. Grateful for this life with my husband. Beginning each day with gratitude and always putting kindness first makes our good life so good, not perfect but still a life we love.

We are busy working on bringing exciting changes to my shop while working up new digital designs and exciting paper collections too! I’m really excited about all the rub on transfers I am developing for 49 and Market! The first batch, Noel, can be found in stores with others coming soon!

Have you seen my mini video of the sweet DIY dish I made with the Shore rub ons [shipping now]?
These would make a great gift and so easy too! If you still prefer digital, these come from the Watery Seashells found in the shop!

Check it out and get creative today!