Stand Tall

Katie Pertiet sunflower card

Stand tall and find the sunlight.

No matter what struggles you face in your life, and yes we all have struggles, remind yourself to stand tall, find the sunlight and grow through what you’re going through. I have to admit when the pandemic started I was terrified, I was worried for my family, worried for my business, worried for my own health. So, what could I control? Staying home. So we did. We stayed home [aside from grocery store and flower farms staying distanced] and we have embraced not going out to dinner all the time. We’ve worked on refreshing our home. We do see the amazon delivery truck fairly often but all is good. We have found the sunlight and happy in this place we’re at even though we are still stuck in this pandemic.

I have been busier than ever designing new products and behind the scenes changes to my SHOP. The gallery and forums will be closing down soon as we work on the final phase of our transition. What’s coming is a HUGE change for us but it’s something I’ve dreamed of for a long time and it will be a work in progress as we roll out all of our plans! Stay tuned, a month from now its should all be clear, fingers crossed!

ps–simply right-click and download this card to use in your scrapbooking and journaling projects! And look for the Sunny Season Scrapbook Collection coming to the SHOP on Friday!