30 Days of Gratitude : Day 24

Katie Pertiet Journal Cards

Make Yourself a Priority

Right? If you’re not well then you aren’t an active part of your life and those you love.
Even though we can be overwhelmed with all there is to do [I know this all too well] it’s better to miss a deadline and take care of yourself than to not keep yourself a priority. And will all the added stresses we are all coping with I believe this is more important than ever.

Today marked 24 Days of cards so far and I’m heading into the home stretch now.
I’ll be adding this set of 12 cards to the SHOP in a printable PDF and JPEG cards for those of you that prefer a download of all the cards. But, of course, if you prefer you can download the cards I’ve posted to use in your personal projects.

Katie Pertiet Journal Card

Happy Tuesday!

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