Nothing looks as good

Katie Pertiet Pocket Card

Nothing looks as good as healthy feels

I’ve had a rough week or so and yesterday found myself in the ER with severe abdominal pain. It was a severe infection which apparently could have been brought on by ecoli, sammonela etc. Well, looking back, this all started after we went out to eat for our first time since March. Just craving some normalcy. But 2020 was not having it. My husband didn’t have any issues, but I have a history of a more sensitive gut and apparently couldn’t handle the drastic change. So, home now on meds and starting to come back to life.

2020 can leave now, I’ve had quite enough thank you.

Trying to dive back into a creative zone to bring my happy back. This card uses the ARToptions Mini Mix 10 papers mixed with some handdrawn leaves. Feel free to right click and use this card in your persnoal scrapbook projects.