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It’s a beautiful day to go after your dreams

Sometimes we all need to be reminded to let go of things in your way and go after your dreams. As an artist, I feel like I am living my dreams of being able to have my passion for art create a job that supports us. Creating new art is what I love most and it’s therapeutic too.

Being in the surface design world I have dealt with my share of copyright infringements and a few more have recently been brought to my attention. It’s crazy frustrating but I am doing my best to focus on my dreams and making art and not let someone’s unethical actions throw me off. Sometimes there’s not a lot you can do other than get the word out to companies involved so they know what they are working with and then move on from there. So that’s where I’m at. Moving on from there and making today a beautiful day to go after my dreams!

Wishing the same for you. And please feel free to right-click and download this 3×4 card to use in your personal scrapbooking and journal projects

Happy scrappping!

katie pertiet designs

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