30 Days of Thoughtfulness Day 5

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Add something good to your day today

Add something good to your day today. Would that be a meetup with your favorite friend? some me time to do some crafting, some gardening or something special baking? Maybe it will be as simple as going for a walk. Whatever it is when you do something good, the goodness grows and spreads to those around you. So, go out and do something good today!

The 30 Days of thoughtfulness project is something I like to do as an art practice and a bit of a personal art journal as I explore thoughtful sentiments and mix them with my art to create little pocket cards perfect for memory keepers. Simply right-click and download this 3×4 pocket card to use in your personal journal projects. Feel free to share on social media and simply tag me and we can share the thoughtfulness journey together. [You can find me on Instagram and Facebook]

To make journaling projects easier, I have added some previous printable gratitude cards to the SHOP in easy to use JPEG and PDF formats.

Be sure to visit the SHOP and check out all of my downloads and home goods available and be inspired to scrapbook today!

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