30 Days of Thoughtfulness Cards : Day 2

katie pertiet quote card

Don’t think or judge, just listen.

Hoping your November is off to a good start. I’m doing my best to just roll with it all. Roll with health hiccups, roll with deadlines, roll with cloudy days slowing me down. Just roll with it and listen, listen to others, listen to my heart and all will be well.

I’ve really been enjoying creating these first couple of cards. I listened to a podcast the other day. It was the Art Juice Podcast and the episode was about creative exploration. I really connected with it. The way they talked about just following instincts is how I create and it seemed to give me validation for my randomness. So I just let these images flow and listened to my intuition and let it guide me.

All of these posts will be 3×4 pocket cards that you are free to right-click and download to use in your personal journaling projects and I hope that they help you to reflect on thoughtfulness and this month where a practice of gratitude is even more special.

You can see some of the previous cards I’ve done in my SHOP and available as printable PDFs and JPEG cards as well. These will likely make their way into the shop as well!

Enjoy and listen!

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