Thanks + Giving for you!

Katie Pertiet quote card

Let our lives be full of both Thanks + giving

Wishing everyone a blessed thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends giving thanks for the abundance in our lives.

I am so very thankful for all of our kind and thoughtful customers and each and every order placed in my shop. There really aren’t words to express the depth of my gratitude, it goes deep for me and my family.

We are full of giving too! Giving 50% off all of my downloads through the rest of November. ❤️

In other news, if you followed/friended me on facebook… I was hacked 😫 so my personal account is gone. Hoping I can recover it but not having any luck. Will keep trying and if still no success I’ll take it as a fresh start in the new year with a new account. Trying to stay positive about it all 😉 In the meantime, connect with me on Instagram which I thankfully had not linked to my FB account!

Happy Thanksgiving + Happy Scrapping!

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