When I took the girls into NYC a couple of weeks back, we ventured into the Forever21 store in Times Square and I became inspired by what I saw on the walls!


I knew I had taken some fun shots against the white backdrop in the studio that would make extracting a breeze. Someday I’ll have my lighting down where I don’t have to extract… but for now I extract! 😉 And for help learning how to extract, be sure to check out Laying it All Out No.4 at DesignerDigitals for a step-by-step lesson in extracting!

I started with a couple of shots of Kelly that needed a bit of editing and then extracted her silhouette. Then I created a new scrapbook page 3660px by 3600px and filled the first layer with white. Looking at my inspiration piece, I knew I wanted to add a bit of a gradient to the background.


So, by selecting the gradient tool [highlighted with the red circle] I created a new gradient and then clicked and dragged on an angle across my screen on a new layer to create a background. I adjusted the opacity to get it just where I wanted it.


Added in the photos and titles next.
Found Futura Condensed to be the closest match in my font library to Forever21 and imitated their placement.

Thought it even looked good lust like this… but kept going and added the gradient silhouettes.


Create a new layer and make the silhouette photo an active selection. Select the gradient tool, click on the gradient for the pop-up window to create a color gradient. Save it by clicking NEW so you can use the same gradient on the second image.

Click and drag to fill your selection. I also adjusted my opacity to soften the affect a bit.


For the 2nd silhouette I added a feather of 30 pixels [Select > Modify > Feather], offset it a bit and again adjusted the opacity.


Added a bit of journaling in a fun handwritten font. Couldn’t bear to have it simply plain, so I added in some Olde World Clusters at a reduced opacity for a touch of femininity 🙂

Simple as that!

Full credits here.