I love my iPad.

Wish I had one my whole life!

And I have my iPad jam-packed with apps from iTunes!

I’ve even boughtone of these nifty paintbrush stylus–soo cool! Although I have to admit I haven’t mastered using it yet. All in good time, right?!

I had so much fun making this page!
I took 1 single photo in GLAZE and saved 3 different “paintings”.
The cool thing is that it saves them at their original hi resolution with a transparent PNG option. That made it a breeze to bring into my digital scrapbook page. I brought each painting in on its own layer. Experimented with blend modes until I achieved the affect I was happy with.

At that point I grouped all three layers into a folder.
Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All

Using the Watery Photo Masks I painted backwards to reveal the layered painting giving the edges a watery look to them. I added an additional Watery Photo mask no.10 behind the painting and layered it all on top of the Painted Book Papers that I adjusted the hue on until they complimented each other.

Simple as that!

Hope it inspires you to scrap! And I’ll see you at DesignerDigitals!