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Moving right along with Project Life /365 this year!

Becoming more comfortable with my format and putting my pages together!

Here’s a look at my process…

I start with a Pocket Page Layered Template. These templates come with lots of little details already added to help make the process easier.

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For me, I prefer to turn all of that off to “neutralize” my page. This step helps me to create a cohesive look to the page.


The next step, for me, is to add a Pocket Card Calendar Card or a Date Stamp to keep track of the date as I look through my photo files. I keep the neutral calendar card template colors until I’ve compiled all my photos.


The next step I take is to go through my photos. I keep my photos filed by date and event in a year dated folder which is inside a photo folder on my hard drive. Each month I also download my phone photos to a dated folder as well to help me keep track of the thousands of photos I take. And as much as I try, I’d say I’m most organized back to about 2009, before that not quite as much.


When I have smaller photos, I’ve started using Pocket Card Splits and you can see I’ve brought in the layered templates and still need to customize them. At this point I add in a neutral base. For my 2014 book I’m using a grid paper that I’ve neutralized with the Hue Slider in Photoshop.

Now it’s time to determine the main color for my page. Since the dominate photos on this page are yellow, the color I chose to accent with is yellow. This helps to create a cohesive look to the page. I color the card templates and clip in papers and add some brushwork, my journaling and call it done! Simple!


Hope this inspires you to scrap! I’ll see you at DesignerDigitals!