Katie Pertiet-100 Days of Botanicals

Day 1 : 100 Days of Botanicals

“If creativity is a habit, then the best creativity is the result of good work habits. They are the nuts and bolts of dreaming.” — Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit.

I’ve decided to take part in the #100dayproject this year. I’m hoping I make it through because there’s a lot happening in our lives in the next 100 days but I’m up for the challenge and it might just be what I need to get through these few months too! The 100 day project is creating a habit. I think I already have a habit of daily creating but I’m going to focus on my favorite creating which is botanicals. Do this every day for 100 days will help me fine tune, evolve and reflect and will help me continue to grow as an artist.

I’ve done 30 day challenges before and even 50 day challenge in honor of my 50th but 100 is a whole new level!

Hope you’ll join me and follow along!