Katie Pertiet 100 Days of Botanicals

100 Days of Botanicals : Day 2

So, 100 days is a looong time! This project will continue until July 12th. In between now and then I have company coming, business trips and my daughter and son-in-law are PCSing to Germany among other things. So to say I might prep some posts ahead of time is a pretty fair bet. I’ll still be creating something botanical every day for 100 days. Thinking about it I actually do that nearly every day for the products I offer at DesignerDigitals. Yesterday, I did the iris painting, blendable botanicals and patterned paper botanicals. So I think I might be able to pull this off!

What could you do for 100 days? I thought about 100 days of scrapbooking but thought I better give that one a 30 day try first :O I’ve done 30 days of printable quote cards. Even 50 days of quote cards for my 50th birthday. I’ve seen such a variety of projects happening in #the100dayproject that it’s really quite inspiring!

Looking forward to seeing how these days unfold!