Katie Pertiet 3x4 Free Printable

Hello November! Hello Gratitude!

It looks like it’s been a while since I last blogged. I was plugging away on 100 Days of Botanicals when I knew life was about to get busy and I decided to step away from that project. My daughter and her husband needed help preparing to PCS to Germany with the US Army. I did everything I could to help them get everything in order and then brought them to live with us until their flights. My son-in-law left on June 27th, the dog was shipped on the 29th [the most stressful part] and then Kelly left on July 2nd. They were placed in a hotel for the first couple of weeks and it was an adjustment for all of us. More than thankful for facetime to make Germany not seem so far away. A couple weeks after they arrived they were given housing of a cute 2 bedroom townhouse and they moved in and waited for their household goods to arrive. Things were settling down and it was good to see them so happy and enjoying what will be their home for the next 3 years.

After Kelly left I decided it was time to focus on me and started taking a TRX Yoga class at the beginning of the month. Then, on July 27th, when I was in class, I suffered sudden cardiac arrest and everything changed. It’s been just over 90 days and I am grateful. Grateful for the dr. that was taking the class, grateful that the firestation paramedics were close by, grateful the hospital was close by and grateful my neighbor was the cardiologist on call that night. They shocked me back to life and the next day I was transferred to another hospital to have a defibrillator implanted. Since then there have been a number of dr. appointments and tests to try to figure out why all of this happened and we’re still looking for answers because I don’t have heart disease, my arteries are healthy and the genetic tests were all negative too. So I’m trying to just move on. But my perspective on everything has changed.

And that brings me to 30 Days of Gratitude. In the past I have done free printables each day during November. In 2015, I did 30 Days to be Thankful. And in 2016 it was 30 Days of Thoughtfulness. This year I’ve decided to take the pressure off of myself and not commit to a daily project. I create every day. I love it. It’s truly my passion but I know that I will be in a better place without the added pressure of a daily project. I hope to pop on here once in a while with a printable throughout the month and, as always, I have lots of new products coming to DesignerDigitals to inspire you own creativity! This doesn’t mean I am any less grateful, for truly I am more grateful for life and each moment than I ever was before, I am just taking more time to truly embrace the moments in between!