My Story isn’t over yet!

As we get ready to welcome the new year, I’ve been looking back on 2017 and it doesn’t look anything like I expected. Heck, it doesn’t even seem like the year’s story was mine. But it was.

The year started with Kelly as a recent college grad and celebrating her and Alex’s first wedding anniversary. We knew they were likely going to Germany but hadn’t received the official orders until May so there was a lot of anxiety leading up to the move and then a mad dash of preparation to get everything all in order to begin the next chapter of their life there.

By July 3rd they were all there and getting settled and we were adjusting to what life would be like with Kelly a half a world away. Then, the defining moment of 2017 was when I suffered sudden cardiac arrest on July 27th. I swear I feel like I have a google MD with all the googling about heart health that I have done since that day! LOL But seriously, all the tests have come back normal and the search for answers of why this happened went on and on with all sorts of speculation but no clear answers. And when you google about sudden cardiac arrest and see that over 90% of people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital [that was me] die and realize I am one of less than 10%, it is amazing. I’m in awe. I question over and over, what was I saved for? That’s still not clear but my story isn’t over yet!

When something so major happens, it’s life changing. When I wonder if this is really real, I just feel the defibrillator box implanted in my shoulder and know that it is all too real. I’ve been thinking about my life, how I’m living my life, the mistakes I’ve made and what can I do better. I’ve been going through old photographs and grateful for all the memories I’ve made with my family and realizing there are still so many stories to tell. Stories to document so when future generations are older and wonder about our lives like I wonder about my own grandparents and wish I could ask them questions, they will have the books of our stories to look back on. So I hope to move forward continuing to scrapbook and document the stories to share with my family.

But in addition to scrapbooking and storytelling, I’ve gotten back to the health club. Starting with an RX program to slowly get me back to well and help get over the fear or exerting myself since that’s what I was doing when it happened. And Randy and I are looking forward to more little adventures to explore the areas around us and embrace this life we have together while we have it. 2017 showed me that tomorrow is not a guarantee and I am grateful for each new day. And although I have no plans to leave this earth anytime soon, and I have no plans to skydive or climb a mountain, I do have plans to continue to follow my passions of creating art and scrapbooking and enjoying a calm and peaceful life with my family letting my story continue to unfold!

Cheers to 2018! Wishing you all a new year of good health and happiness!