Katie Pertiet 100 days Butterflies

Today, April 2, 2019, begins #the100dayproject

The last time I participated in this challenge was in 2017. I did 100 Days of Botanicals but I didn’t finish that year. During those 100 days Kelly and Alex PCS’d to Germany and it became a very hectic time for me. But I did make it 80 days which is still quite an accomplishment.

So, here I am again, giving this another go. This time I’m joining in Victoria Johnson’s subchallenge. She’s a fellow licensing artist and is doing 100 days of birds, butterflies and botanicals. That’s my jam, can’t imagine doing much else and have a packed schedule so it’s not the time for me to be doing anything too crazy but I will be exploring different media and styles. I need to keep things calm, simple and happy. She is encouraging just a simple image, nothing polished.

Day One is done and I’m looking forward to exploring more #birdsbutterfliesandblooms

I invite you to follow along and we’ll see if I can complete the 100 days this year! I’ll be posting here as well as on my instagram!