Katie Pertiet Butterfly painting

It’s Day 2 of #the100dayproject and I’m still here! haha!

Enjoying this simple approach of not doing a polished composition, just a butterfly, bird or botanical. I’m going to be trying to do 4-6 of a particular style/palette in a row so I have something cohesive to work with when this is all over and hopefully I won’t be all over the place. But you know I love the loose, sketchy style like my Watery Series at DesignerDigitals and this is just an evolution of that style.

Back in 2016 I did a collection called Lighthearted in Paris for art licensing and one of the patterns had this approach that I always wanted to evolve upon! These lovely little eiffel towers 🙂 So be looking for more of this style as I evolve it!

That’s one of the lovely things about #the100daychallenge it keeps challenging you to think beyond current assignments, contracts, projects and deadlines and work on all the lovely things you want to create!

Katie Pertiet Lighthearted in Paris Eiffel Towel Pattern