Katie Pertiet Painted Butterfly


Day 3 of #the100dayproject

A new butterfly. Sketchy. Pale palette. Exploring Color. Exploring style. Being Creative.

That’s what this project is all about. Being Creative.
I don’t need a challenge to make art every day because with DesignerDigitals and my various contracts I am making plenty of art each day. This project encourages to create just for the sake of creating. Not for a deadline. Not for an assignment. Not with anyone else’s design parameters. Just create.

The subchallenge I’m participating in is to create birds, butterflies or blooms [aka botanicals] and that is what I do anyway so a perfect one to join in on. I’ve seen a few other themes that I really like and need to remember for next year. One in particular is 100 days of quotes. Reminds me of my 50 cards series and 30 days of thankful project in 2016 and again in 2017. Hope to revisit the thankful project again this November!