Katie Pertiet Art and Design

When you focus on the good, the good gets better, right?!

The 100 day project is done. I’m deep into design contracts for a couple of the scrapbook companies I work with and working up new designs for art licensing and, of course, there are the weekly releases at DesignerDigitals that keep me busy too! Never a dull moment. But I’d certainly rather have it that way. Keeps me busy, always thinking of new designs, new things I want to try, making, creating, inspiring.

Then there is scrapbooking too. It has been a hobby of mine since I was a teen. I have high school scrapbooks, a college book and albums ever since then too. My scrapbooking has definitely evolved as I’ve gotten older I realize more and more the importance of the story. The story is missing from many of my early books and from the scrapbooks I have of my mother and her mother and I long for that story. I’ve gone over a lot of the photos with my mom but there always seem to be more questions. I’m on a quest to document the photos with the stories and the stories that don’t have photos on hand too. The internet is a huge help for finding images related to the story.

Heritage Genealogy Scrapbooking

I’ve scanned a wonderful old album my aunt has and the photos are really a treasure to glimpse into my grandparents lives and see all the family resemblance between my siblings and cousins and our ancestors!

Frame and Blend Heritage Page Templates

I’m working up an album and have been releasing a new page template in the series each week at DesignerDigitals. I love getting artsy with the vintage photos but I also want to have the full photos as they appear without being painted and the little polaroids allow for that. Thinking when I put together the book together, I’ll have the facing page have a collage of the photos as well and maybe some of the other photos I didn’t use in the artsy page. So many stories to tell, so many things I want everyone to know about the rich lives our ancestors lived, paving the way for us. Something so many of us need to do to remember the family stories.

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with creative bliss!