Katie Pertiet Gratitude Quote Card

I am so very grateful for small things, big things and everything in between.

Today marks two years since I suffered sudden cardiac arrest when I was in an exercise class.

I have the greatest gratitude for my guardian angel, the dr. that was participating in the class and saved my life. She knows I will never forget her and will always be grateful for her.

There was no bypass surgery or anything of that nature. I have clear arteries and no heart disease, but I now have an internal cardiac device, a defibrillator, to protect me from the vtach arrhythmias I now experience.

My life has changed, my perspective on life has changed and everything in between. Every day is a gift and I am so grateful to be here experiencing life. The good the bad, the ups the downs. Getting to regularly facetime with my daughter and son-in-law while they are stationed in Germany and looking forward to their return to the states next year. I am also so very grateful for my husband, my rock. By my side through it all, holding me up, keeping me strong and living each day together as we live, work and love life together.

Life is a gift. Something that should never be forgotten.

I’m much better at letting the little things go and not letting much upset me. It’s just not worth it. So much better to focus on the good, focus on the happy and move forward with a positive perspective. Your life is best spent in a positive light, not that I was negative before this happened. I certainly always did live by my motto of ‘happy thoughts’ but this experience reinforces the importance of gratitude, and scrapbooking! Scrapbooking so that your story lives on because tomorrow is never a guarantee. I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my documenting efforts since my cardiac arrest and look forward to documenting many more stories.

Thank you for following along on my artistic journey in my empty nest!