My Favorite Days are Fall Days

Katie Pertiet Butterfly pattern card

Fall Days are my Favorites!

Summer and the heat keep reappearing but thinking if I keep talking about fall it will stick around! I love the colors of fall, the crisp air and hoodie weather. Wish it would last much longer! Last year we had zero snow around here so fall did sort of last longer. Not sure what this year has in store for us, it is 2020 after all :O

Life is getting crazy busy around here. We’re counting the days until Kelly, her husband and their dog move back to the states and stay with us a bit before they move on to their next base. It won’t be in that order though. The dog ships out first and then our kids. It’s already pretty hard to have an overseas move and Covid isn’t helping.

And over at the SHOP, we are getting closer and closer to our re-launch. The gallery and forum have now closed as we work towards migrating to a new server and converting to a new interface platform. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. We are hoping to have our unveiling September 22nd… stay tuned!

I’m working on so many new design projects for the SHOP and my contract clients, it’s really quite exciting and I am constantly reminded at how lucky I am to be able to do what I love for a living!

Be sure you visit the SHOP [it is staying open thru the transition] and see the new releases and be inspired to scrapbook today! 🙂